PetVet Shop is changing

PetVet Shop is changing

Russell spent so much time and effort in 2006 concentrating on designing a perfect practice he never got round to designing the shop and we just kind of threw it together with what came to hand. 

Well, that's about to change.

A new shopfront is being installed in the last week of July 2016.

It'll be more user-friendly and you'll be able to properly see our corian desk of which we are so proud. 

There'll be a 'dog' and 'cat' side too, each basically corresponding to the dog and cat waiting areas.

Sarah Man of SLM design has done a bang up job in the concept and Paul Hodgkinson of ISM will be doing the joinery. He built the practice in 2006 according to Russell's painstaking pencil drawings (before the sketchup era) so we know it'll be done to the highests standard.

After he's left we'll get Steve Twomey in to expertly decorate (for the fourth time since we've opened). 

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on how best to stock our new shelves.