Training Day - May 2016

The latest thinking in anaesthetics and pain identification and management were the topics of the main symposium. It's good to know we've been on the right track but there's always room for improvement. Other topics included the new Leptospirosis vaccination for dogs with four serovars in it rather than the two we have been using. We're changing over to the new vaccine in June 2016. We'll keep you updated.

Reception staff had a lot of fun role playing with different client interaction scenarios. They are the interface between the practice and the public. The better they understand you, the better they can align you with the most suitable service.

One of the suppliers was conned, I mean persuaded, to supply us with a selection of Ottolenghi cakes for tea. YUM.

Everyone decanted to a local cocktail bar to do further bonding. Russell wisely demurred. Some good natured cocktail fueled shenanigans happened apparently. Kids!