Housing Your Rabbit

Think of rabbits in the wild, hopping from burrow to burrow, and it makes sense that they’re sociable creatures.

They love the company of other rabbits but that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t be happy going solo – so long as they get the stimulation and attention they need.

At-home rabbit tips

  • More than one rabbit in the hutch? As long as they’re all neutered, they should live happily ever after.
  • We don’t recommend housing guinea pigs and rabbits together, as they can transfer diseases to each other.
  • Don’t leave your rabbit confined to the hutch for too long. They need regular exercise to maintain joint, muscle and bone health, a change of scene and company.
  • Make sure you or the kids let the rabbit out of its hutch regularly to stretch their legs and have a play.
  • Think like a rabbit. They like to chew, so look around the house and make sure wiring and anything potentially dangerous is protected or out of reach.
  • Like cats, rabbits can be litter trained, so make great household pets.