Dental Health for Dogs

We simply can’t say enough how important the right food is for a dog’s teeth and gums. Sadly, many pet food producers have forgotten that man’s best friend is, in fact, descended from wolves, creating mushy and peculiar jellied concoctions that only lead to poor dental health.

As well as being picky about what you feed your dog, it’s wise to give their teeth a daily clean, just as you do your own gnashers.

Jolly fine tips for dental health

  • Daily cleaning is the best way to care for your dog’s teeth – see our guide below for tips.
  • Good quality dried food and juicy, uncooked bones give teeth a splendid workout and keep gums in excellent shape, too.
  • Steer clear of low-quality tins and pouches.
  • Vet Essentials is designed so that your dog’s teeth sink into the biscuit before it crumbles, wiping off any slimy plaque.
  • Hill’s t/d Canine food can also be used if your dog is very prone to plaque and gingivitis. Because of its high fat content, it should be no more than a quarter of your dog’s total diet.

Tooth-brushing how-to

A daily dental routine doesn’t just make for a fabulous set of pearly whites. Getting your dog used to having their mouth touched also means that they’re less likely to need anaesthetic for any dental treatment in later life.

  • Get your puppy or dog used to you handling their mouth and touching their gums. Pop in to see us and we’ll show you how!
  • Pick up a microfibre tooth cleaner from our shop.
  • Use a specialist toothpaste. We can give you tips on which one to choose.
  • Take it slow, introducing the toothpaste on your finger so that they get used to the taste.
  • Gradually get them used to the feel of the brush, without toothpaste to begin with.
  • Once they’re taking it in their stride, give it a go with the toothpaste and brush.
  • Repeat daily, preferably before bedtime.